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We offer dining experiences 

in beautiful locations.

As a pop-up restaurant, we create memorable dinner parties. Discover, eat, meet and share a magic night 

around a relaxed table.

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Our Previous Supper Clubs

Tea Room supper club in Paris

Partnered with chef Sophia Adroguer

Organised by L'histoire d'un soir

Hey Honey supper club in Rochecorbon

Partnered with chef Sophia Adroguer

Organised by L'histoire d'un soir


What to expect

Culinary themes

We create a 4 course menu that celebrate seasonal ingredients around a unique and immersive culinary theme.

From the flavours, colours, shapes and texture, each dish encourages discovery and surprise.


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Private chef

For each event, our private chef will specially design a bespoke  menu. We'll invite you to explore new and exciting dishes.

You will have the chance to meet the chef and learn more about the work behind the scenes.

Beautiful location

Guided by the culinary theme, each supper club will offer to the guests a warm atmosphere in a unique venue.

You’ll be transported on this journey by a specially curated interior design as well as a playlist with French gems!

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