We are here

to bring joy and magic

to the table.

After working for many years in events and having the chance to collaborate with Vogue, Google and L’Oréal, I wanted to celebrate more intimate moments and make them exceptional and memorable.


My goal is to create beautiful events around the dining experience. 

As there is nothing better than having a great meal within an inspiring setting with lovely people, I created my first supper club

L’histoire d’un soir  ( the story of a night). 

The idea began in France

and I was thrilled to launch it in London the following year. 


As dinner time is always a celebration,

I have created a tablescape in a box

that helps you create beautiful and special moments at home.


My goal is to spread some magic in people's home, be it for a special occasion, a birthday celebration , or simply the desire to create a joyful, indulgent mid-week dinner that transports you to a new place.

Sustainability is increasingly important and has been a front of mind consideration throughout the development

of this tablescape in a box concept.


I hope you’ll enjoy your experience “à la maison”

and I can’t wait host you for a real life, supper club, soon!

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